Ford joined the “Project Mexico” initiative which seeks to join efforts to help Mexican families most in need during the crisis caused by the pandemic.

In the face of the crisis stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, Ford he decided not to sit idly by and join the cause “Mexico Project”, To help those who need it most. Through Ford Fund, the employees of the car company worked to collect food and supplies, which were delivered to people who cannot leave home and who have been affected by the pandemic both economically and emotionally.

Spreading the word and contributing to the donation of pantries With products that contained high nutritional value for families of 5 to 8 members, it was as Ford employees joined the aid for Mexico, collecting 460 pantries with 16 essential products.

“I want to thank all our collaborators for their participation in this initiative and for everything they do every day to continue making Ford the engine that drives Mexico,” he said. Héctor Pérez, President and CEO of Ford of Mexico. “We understand that we live in challenging times, and we also believe that it is these moments that allow us to show the best of each one of us and at Ford, firm in our commitment to Mexico for 95 years, we have implemented actions that benefit the communities where we have a presence, placing as our main priority the safety and well-being of people ”.

During the delivery of pantries, Ford employees took all safety and hygiene measures to avoid risks of COVID infection.

According to the Automotive Vision portal, the delivery of the collected pantries took place on Thursday, May 21.

The goal was achieved thanks to each one of the people who joined this commitment to Mexican society and demonstrated once again that Mexico always comes out ahead in the face of any adversity, even in this difficult moment that the world is going through.


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