Ford launches Smart Mirror, the intelligent mirror for vans


ACD avatar ACD April 16, 2021

Ford wants to improve visibility in urban areas of its vans and has launched Smart Mirror, an intelligent rear view mirror.

One of the complications of driving a van or a commercial cargo vehicle is that the vision of the rear area is difficult for the driver, in front of the inability to have the visibility provided by the central rear-view mirror, especially in the versions with rear doors without windows or in those situations in which the load blocks the vision.

For this reason, drivers of this type of vehicle have to rely solely on the exterior rear-view mirrors, something that complicates driving and increases the possibility of accident and collision in reversing maneuvers.

A smart mirror to avoid collisions

Smart Mirror uses a rear door mounted camera

2 Photos Smart Mirror uses a rear door mounted camera


Faced with this, Ford has devised a solution, called “Smart Mirror”, which uses a rear door mounted camera that sends information to the rear view mirror, offering the driver a perfect view of what is behind.

The camera, which provides direct visibility into an area that is currently not visible to van drivers, automatically adjusts its brightness to the conditions of luminosity to offer, according to Ford, a clear image whatever the weather or time of day.

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Ford maintains that this «Smart Mirror» offers a field of view twice that of a conventional mirror and that the system will be very useful for delivery drivers, who tend to park on urban streets with pedestrians and cyclists to pay attention to.

The mirror is now available from the factory for Ford Transit and Transit Custom equipped with rear doors with windows and Coming soon to those equipped with windowless rear doors.

The strange effect of virtual mirrors that makes drivers dizzy

Further, any Ford dealer can order and install the system, which is compatible with Transit vans manufactured from 2014 and on Transit Custom models manufactured from 2012.

Providing our drivers with maximum visibility, especially in urban areas, where there are so many things to pay attention to, increases their confidence and is a key part of making trips safer for them and for other road users as well, ”said Owen Gregory, Director of Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket, Ford of Europe.

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