Ford seeks to entertain the little ones in the house in this quarantine period and at the same time reinforce their skills and their minds.

We know that the quarantine It can be difficult for everyone, since it is strange to leave aside work or school activities and the routine that we carried out every day, however, staying at home is essential at this stage and can help save lives, as boring as it may seem.

Thinking about this, Ford has decided to launch a series of activities that will keep the little ones in the house entertained and that will be updated regularly to provide more fun options. Such activities ideas will fly in a creative way and will make the stay at home more enjoyable.

According to the Direct Marketing portal, the automaker has created templates of some of the most beloved and famous models of Ford, and that children can color as they like, like a Focus st which can include camouflage, or draw a Ford GT with tartan stripes, or maybe a van Transit with tiger stripes. The point is to let your imagination run wild and color Ford’s life and cars.

Ford cars coloring template. Credit: Courtesy Ford.

If children choose challenging activities, Ford has created a “find the differences” template, in which some photos of their cars have been chosen and five changes have been made from the original image. The challenge will be to find them all.

Find the Differences Template. Credit: Courtesy Ford.

Putting navigation skills to the test, Ford also proposes solving four mazes, in which children will have to drive a van to an electric charging point, but there is a problem; some of the roads they have to drive on are blocked.

Mazes template. Credit: Courtesy Ford.

As if this were not enough, the children will also be able to make their dream come true and become a Ford designer, joining the guide points to reveal a Mustang Mach-E, a Ford Ranger, a Ford Puma and many more models.

Car design template. Credit: Courtesy Ford.

So now you know, Ford helps you keep children entertained with these proposals and to access them you only have to enter the Ford website, visit the section of Blog, and take a look at the activity in turn to share it with the children.


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