You have created a web portal with different activities

It will be updated with more content gradually

Ford has set up a web portal with a multitude of activities for family fun while in confinement, something that will be especially helpful for all those with young children.

The alarm status will last until April 26 at least. It is not official, but nobody dares to venture otherwise. This means that we will spend 15 more days confined to our homes with more free time than we would like, something that can be done especially heavy for those who have young children. He especially wanted to help these families Ford with the launch of a web portal for the entertainment of the little ones. It can be accessed through

Ford calls this website as an online family training center. In it you can see different sections: coloring, differences, labyrinths, union of points and a download area. In short, an alternative to television and other more conventional entertainment. Additionally, signing the oval ensures that you will regularly update the content.

This initiative of Ford, which also seeks to promote people to stay at home, joins another start-up by Audi A few days ago, he launched a series of templates of his vehicles for the little ones to color.

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