Ford has announced that the launch of the new Ford F-150 will not be delayed due to the pandemic, even as they continue to manufacture medical respirators for the contingency.

Plants Ford in North America they continue without resuming their normal operations for the production of cars, as they still work in the manufacture of respirators and other supplies to attend the health emergency due to COVID-19, Nevertheless, Kelli Felker, Ford’s global manager of labor and manufacturing communications, has announced that the launch of the new F-150 will not be delayed.

“We are on the way to deliver our new Ford F-150 to customers starting this fall. The team continues to do incredible work to move the program forward, even with challenges like the coronavirus. We hope to be able to show the world our new truck soon and start delivering units this year, ”Felker shared.

Ford plans to return to normal activity starting next week and for this, it must deliver a work schedule to the UAW before June 1, detailing the plan to follow and safeguarding the contract commitments of each one at all times. worker and above all, your safety.

Ford F-150 2020.
Credit: Courtesy Ford.

Ford is fully confident of its future with the launch of the new Ford F-150And it is that, according to the Motorpasion portal, in the United States, Ford’s F series is basically the biggest support that the manufacturer has for its intentions since it remains the best-selling model in the country.

The blue oval firm will put all its efforts into recovering production and not limiting the number of units expected for this year of the 2021 model of the F-150, with a production goal of having a complete unit every 52 seconds, a very goal high, no doubt.

For now, all that remains is to wait Ford will actually get to launch the new Ford F-150 in the estimated time before the pandemic and enjoy your arrival with this new update that looks very promising.


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