Ford bronco hybrid or electric in tests

Last week we saw how the Xtreme Recon Package arrived to prepare the Jeep Wrangler in its duel against the Ford Bronco Sasquatch, but now the roles are reversed and It is Ford who prepares a new version to face Jeep. According to spy images, the brand would already be testing a hybrid or electric version of the Bronco to compete with the Wrangler 4xe.

In the vicinity of the facility where Ford conducts EPA tests on new engines, spy photographers captured a unit of a Bronco strongly camouflaged and revealing the typical orange cables at the bottom of energy transfer that are usually mandatory in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Ford Bronco hybrid, EV Pulse spy photo

While there is no official information about it, this unit could be a hybrid: while the fuel cap on the Ford Bronco is located on the driver’s side, a cutout on the rear of the right side in the camouflage it could hide access to the charging point. In addition, in the rear, we can see an exhaust outlet. That is, it is most likely a plug-in hybrid.

Ford Bronco hybrid, spy photo EV Pulse 03

Ford Bronco hybrid, EV Pulse spy photo

For this reason We rule out that from the outset a Ford Bronco will be offered with an electric motorization derived from the Mustang Mach-E and rather focus on a less “risky” hybrid. By the way, the competition would be more direct with the aforementioned Wrangler 4xe and its 33 km of electric range in the real world.

Either way, the question that remains is how far along Ford is with its hybrid Bronco. Knowing that the world is already following the route of electrification, that the same brand has already drawn up a plan in that direction in Europe and that Jeep already has its hybrid Wrangler on the streets, we would bet it would be very close to being ready. Will it catch up to the Los Angeles Show in November?

Ford Bronco hybrid, EV Pulse 02 spy photo

Ford Bronco hybrid, EV Pulse spy photo

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