For Twitter the Warriors have also beaten the Cavs in being the new Monstars

This Monday the NBA season closed with the victory of the Golden State Warriors over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry won 4-1 in the Finals defeating LeBron James and company, who despite winning the fourth game, have never managed to give a clear example of being able to reach these super Warriors.

And it is that the Oakland team has scared since the arrival of Kevin Durant was confirmed to its roster last summer. They were scary, and there Twitter, and especially during these finals, has found a benchmark with which to compare them: the Monstars.

“The Warriors are the Monstars and the Cavs are the Tune Squad but without Jordan’s secret potion”

If you saw Space Jam (and if you don’t already have a plan for this afternoon) you will remember them. Those little Martians who face Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan and who manage to be great playing basketball after stealing their powers from ex-NBAs Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson and Shawn Bradley.

That is why it is normal that Twitter now turns to a comparison that until recently also attributed to the Cavs of LeBron James, especially since the Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas said in the Eastern Conference finals that he was not afraid of them: “Because They are not the Monstars. “

“They have literally compared the Cavs to the Monstars, I’m splitting”

At that time the montages and memes that presented LeBron and company as the evil ones of Space Jam exploded, but not friends, this battle has also been won by the Warriors, who already throughout the season had also shared comparisons with the characters of Space Jam , the most disgusting of all perhaps, a story that appeared on the sports parody website The Kicker that said that Durant, Curry, Green and company would play the role of the Monstars in a possible sequel to Space Jam, and that circulated as real for a weather.