Dominik Mysterio appeared on RAW to confront Seth Rollins, and the segment ended up being one of the best that WWE had to offer in the last episode.

WWE finally seems to have committed to Dominik’s push, and there is a reason why it is happening right now.

Dominik Mysterio gets big push from WWE

During Tom Colohue’s live Q&A on Sportskeeda’s Facebook page, he revealed the reason behind Dominik’s renewed push that would unfold in the coming weeks.

WWE management reportedly believes that giving Dominik a push would help convince Rey Mysterio to sign a new contract with the company.

It was noted that a Dominik boost was one of the things Rey Mysterio was promised when he agreed to sign his last contract within WWE.

Tom also added that WWE’s delay in delivering on the promise was one of the reasons Mysterio has not signed a new deal with WWE.

Dominik appeared on RAW after Seth Rollins cut a typical promotion in which he bragged about beating Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black. Monday Night Messiah tried to convince Dominik to join his cause, but Mysterio Jr. was in the mood for some retribution, and wasted no time in taking down Rollins.

Murphy and Rollins beat Dominik, who sold the assault like an experienced pro. As expected, Aleister Black flew out of nowhere to level the playing field.

However, Black also lost his eye after Rollins angered Murphy to take revenge on his former rival. Dominik ended the segment on a halt while punishing Rollins and Murphy with kendo punches. The heels fled when the segment came to an end.

Dominik was impressive, but this is just the beginning of what could be a very promising career for Rey Mysterio’s son.

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