After managing to defeat the “Incarnate Beast” Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 36 for the WWE title, Drew McIntyre is in the prime of his career.

This is thanks to the full support of Lesnar and Heyman, where it was even seen how Lesnar instructed Drew to make him look better during a televised RAW show, before the COVID-19 pandemic struck us.

Drew McIntyre privileged among his peers

As it is well known, most WWE superstars have to follow a script for their promos, but Drew McIntyre is the exception to the rule, since he has total freedom when it comes to using the microphone, and it must be clarified that Although it does not follow something memorized, it does at least follow the concepts of the story. This was achieved since he is a Paul Heyman Guy behind the scenes, and according to what was said was Paul’s most ambitious project, which put a lot of pressure to give him total freedom in the microphone, and thus be able to show his true personality.

Despite Heyman’s dismissal as CEO of the red brand, Drew has continued to receive his push, and Vince continues to see McIntyre as WWE champion, though he’s also looking into the possibility of his being defeated.

The next challenge for Drew will be at Extreme Rules, where he will defend the WWE championship on July 19, against Dolph Ziggler. The latter may choose the stipulation that he wishes, as announced by the RAW last during the signing of the contract. But at the moment the stipulation of the fight has not been established.

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