The moment of revival will be crucial for all brands. Bringing this process to fruition will allow many companies to recoup some of the lost while also crowning new leaders in the marketplace, and in this process having a sound SEO strategy will be crucial.

Even before the pandemic, this element of the marketing strategy would have already gained special weight within the efforts.

The importance of SEO

The concern to improve efforts within this field has to do with the opportunities offered by occupying a privileged place within search engines. At least 61 percent of marketers consider it as the top priority within inbound marketing activities, as indicated by HubSpot. Furthermore, for 57 percent of those involved in the B2B segment, SEO allows them to generate more leads than any other marketing activity.

Given the habits, needs and interests gained in the media of the health crisis, this aspect will become even more relevant, if we consider that, as a recent study indicates, on the one hand, 86 percent of marketing professionals consider that achieving their Goals this year will be more difficult, which takes another reading assuming that 65 percent of them say that their budgets will be reduced.

Low-cost solutions

This places SEO solutions as great allies for the work of marketers. The focus on channels that with less investment mean greater and better results will be the norm.

In fact, only 4 percent of marketing teams believe that SEO will become less important in the coming months, a figure that contrasts with 63 percent, who clearly understand that efforts in this area will gain weight in the post-coronavirus world.

This trend will enhance a reality that was already visible long before the pandemic changed companies’ plans.

A Moz study pointed out that companies of all sizes were becoming aware of the importance of SEO: 77 percent already had a team focused and dedicated to optimizing the positioning of their brands within search engines.

Facing a new reality

Faced with the realities experienced in the wake of the health emergency, it is no secret to anyone that actions and efforts will be forced to go digital.

Obviously and to maintain its business, the retail sector made the leap to digital. Rapid modification can be dangerous to the perception of people, who will continue to seek to verify each product before purchase. The challenge will be to deliver these guarantees in all categories, more with those that have to do with food and health products.

Additionally, being available and visible at all times will be key to winning the race. In this process, being the first result in organic searches will be essential in the face of high competition.

Although traditional commerce maintained a clear advantage over online commerce in terms of preference, after the pandemic, this gap will be closed.

Many people joined this purchase modality, while established digital buyers have increased their use during quarantine.

Before renewed consumer

According to Kantar, globally, almost one in three households (32 percent overall, 40 percent of households with children) has significantly increased their spending on e-commerce during the health emergency.

More revealing is recognizing that 33 percent of households say that in the future, their online purchases will increase.

The challenge will be especially great for local brands. Sustainability will have a new reading. Although the supply and production strategies of the brands were already questioned, they will now become a more relevant factor for conventional buyers who will demand support from local economies. Today, consumers around the world are inclined to buy local products. In fact, 65 percent are inclined to buy goods and services from their own country, while 42 percent of consumers say they now pay more attention to the origin of products.

Betting on a solid SEO strategy will not be an option for any company. Regardless of brand spin or size, refining these actions will provide competitive advantages that will give a privileged position in the « new normal » to those brands that successfully land their efforts.