For the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, the Bill of Crypto Assets does not represent its vision

Last week, two legislative initiatives were known in Argentina that seek to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies. Given this, the NGO Bitcoin Argentina issued a press release in which it ensures that These projects do not represent your vision.

Both initiatives emerged last year from Changing Roles, a program in which university students debated and developed a draft bill on crypto assets. One of the final projects was delivered to Congress last Wednesday by Deputy Liliana Schwindt, from the Frente de Todos. The other, from deputy Ignacio Torres, from Together for Change, has not yet been presented.

According to the statement that the aforementioned NGO sent to this medium, they were not consulted for the drafting of any of the projects. They add that “to achieve genuine consensus, they must emerge from a mature process of participation and dialogue between all participants in the ecosystem and the community as a whole.”

Bitcoin Argentina does not underestimate “the value that legal certainty offers to the development of technological innovation.” In any case, it clarifies that this “cannot and should not be done in favor of adding a large and novel legal burden on the individual or service provider.” They warn that “unenforceable bureaucratic demands” could prevent the creation of disruptive projects.

The NGO Bitcoin Argentina would be willing to accompany the debate

Even so, they are open to accompany the debate on proposals that promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies. They emphasize the importance of not “criminalizing voluntary interactions between people” and argue that the limits of application of this type of law should be “clear and aware of the complexities of this technology, and not subject to the free and varied interpretation of the authorities ».

On the same day she presented the bill, to a widespread negative reaction from the bitcoiner community, Deputy Schwindt tweeted that she is open to listening to all actors in the local ecosystem. “It is time to start discussing issues that are emerging and expanding rapidly and on which there is no legislation,” he wrote there.

The NGO Bitcoin Argentina, founded in 2013, defines its mission as “promoting and developing the knowledge and adoption of new decentralized technologies in today’s society.” They add to this “the protection of the individual rights of all those who adopt research, promotion or work as an end” in these technologies.

The founder and current president of this organization, Rodolfo Andragnes, as explained in a dialogue with CriptoNoticias, considers Bitcoin as “an alternative to a monetary system that is part of the problem of world crises.”