Controversy in the Bar in female version

57 years ago, Gerardo Sofovich He decided to take to television the typical coffee talks that were given among Argentines. And so Controversy was born in the Bar. Of course, at that time, it was not usual for women to participate in these conversations and, therefore, the table of the program was composed mainly of men. However, this Thursday an unprecedented event occurred in the cycle of America. Which one? At the initiative of its producer, Gustavo Sofovich, the campus that accompanied the current driver, Mariano Iúdica, it was completely feminine.

Those in charge of debating various topics were María Fernánda Callejón, Rocío Oliva, Luciana Salazar and Luisa Albinoni. The first thing they did was give their opinion on the interview that Carolina Pampita Ardohain did to Ingrid Grudke, in which she asked the air if her current husband, Roberto García MoritánHe had previously asked her to marry him. And this served as a trigger for each of them to later confess if they had ever wanted to find out about a man’s past.

At that point, Albinoni acknowledged that she had asked him about Jorge Porcel to Carmen Barbieri, another of the great women that the comedian had. “Besides knowing each other, we are friends and today we talk every day. So, when we did the magazine in Termas de Río Hondo, we wanted to know what had happened to one and the other, ”said the actress. But he acknowledged that they could not determine if there were dates when both coincided in El Gordo’s life. « Same, we concluded that he was a good guy and a great loverLuisa clarified.

The debate on infidelity in « Controversy in the bar » (Video: America)

Then came the spiciest moment of the night, when everyone started talking about infidelity. Rocío assured: « There is no perfect deception because someone always sees you » But Luli gave a series of tips to be able to cheat with a man without being discovered. « They have to travel in separate planes, find a destination that is an island, for example, go different ways and cross directly at the hotel ”Salazar explained.

Given this, Callejón wanted to know if the method also applied to someone who went “from Gonzalez Catán to another town in the suburbs,” and Luli explained: “When I go out in a dark wig nobody recognizes me, I swear » “For me, the best way to cover up is to show yourself. I spent five years like this with Guillote (Coppola), loudly, without anyone being encouraged to tell me anything, ”said María Fernanda.

One topic led to another, and the women began to talk about what a « good lover » should have. Albinoni noted that « The butchers are very hot, they have something wild », and suggested that the ladies be encouraged to try it. Luli, meanwhile, assured that « a good kiss » is what marks the future of a relationship. « You have to know how to kiss, because kissing is an art« He remarked. And she said that she also needed to « admire » the man she was with.

Then, it was time to talk about the sexiest politicians in Argentina. And they all opined on Martín Lousteau, Santiago Cafiero, Axel Kicillof, Mauricio Macri and Juan Manuel Urtubey. But when it was time to Martin RedradoNo one dared speak. « I pass, but I changed it a lot, let’s be honest, » said Salazar, a former economist. To which Rocío added: « With respect, it’s good« 

« Albertito » sang like María Martha Serra Lima in « Controversy in the Bar » (Video: América)

Upon the end of the program, Alvaro Navia his role as Albertito, did an imitation of a remembered woman of Argentine music, María Marta Serra Lima, with which he performed an original version of In my way. In it, he talked about everything that changed with the arrival of COVID-19 and invited a reflection on everything simple that society began to value as a result of the pandemic.

The lyrics read like this:

I’m looking back

And i miss today

My whole life

Let the COVID pass

I can’t take the quarantine anymore

I want to go for a walk

Go with friends

To a dinner

But I’m still here


What a great table today

Dear Luly

Luisa a kiss

Rocío is a love

Oh, my Alley and there is Jopito

Please come back

Those nights full of laughter

Of dinners and after-meals

And a hug to those who need it

But I know something

It will change

Let’s just hold on a little longer

Because there is something that I learned

To value what I lost

And what I have left I will live

My way

We no longer waste time

I lived your way


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