For the case of a dead doctor on railings, 7 police officers are detained


At least seven workers from the public security department of Progreso de Obregón were arrested after the death of a doctor who was involved in a traffic accident and died inside the municipal railing where she had been transferred.

The Attorney General’s Office of Hidalgo (PGJH) started an investigation folder with protocols of femicide for the death of the woman.

According to the city council, the detainees are three women and four men, who worked as police officers and administrative assistants.

According to the mayor’s office, they voluntarily came as witnesses in the investigation folder “with the aim of helping to clarify the facts”, for which it considered that the arrest represents that they were “illegally deprived of their liberty by PGJH agents.”

In addition, it was confirmed that state public security personnel “aboard more than 10 patrol cars and approximately 50 elements went today at 5:00 in the morning to the offices of the public security directorate to strip their weapons from the municipality”.

The events occurred after a doctor who was doing her residency at the IMSS in Pachuca on Wednesday, was arrested in Progreso de Obregón for a traffic accident in which four vehicles were involved, without seriously injuring people.

The woman was taken to the municipal railing where, according to the municipality, she spoke with her father and later committed suicide. The city council also affirmed that the woman presented “substance use”.

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