for some reason you can already transform into a life-size Metapod


The dream of all fans of Pokemon goes between capturing their Pokemon favorites and be able to transform into them, this time it is possible and for this reason now you can become what you thought impossible, in a Life-size metapod. We recently saw how this fan finds Caterpie and her shiny version in Pokémon in real life.


“I definitely don’t want to leave Metapod” is a Sunday feeling or for cold days that he shares with us. Premium Bandai Japan who has created a kind of cocoon furniture where you can get in and become Metapod. East Pokemon bug-type is a kind of chrysalis and this time the soft inside is you.

The chrysalis is a piece of furniture where you can sit and even sleep for a while made of a soft material in the shape of Metapod and it is life-size because it measures between 1.5m × 0.9m and will be available in April 2021, for now exclusively in Japan, although we hope it will be available to everyone soon. You can be the evolution of Cartepie but with a cup of warm chocolate you will think twice to get out of the chrysalis and be Butterfree.

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