For Santeria of Galilea, Magda Rodríguez lost her life, they accuse

For Santeria from Galilea, Magda Rodríguez lost her life, they accuse (Instagram)

Because of Santeria from Galilee, Magda Rodríguez lost her life, they accuse | Instagram

A strong rivalry between the renowned “Jorge Clairvoyant” would lead him to reveal that the departure of Magda Rodriguez It was not because of a possible contagion but that someone would have caused him damage, in addition to this he has pointed to the host Galilea Montijo, who reveals that he practices “Santeria”.

After the collaborator and mother of the driver Andrea Escalona placeholder image lost his life on November 1, several versions have been derived of what could have influenced the fatal events, as well as the bad relationship that they indicate existed between Galilee and the producer of the program “Today“.

According to strong rumors that circulated around the broadcast for a long time, it is that the driver Galilea Montijo who has many years in the morning had a tense relationship with Magda Rodríguez as well as with Andrea, her daughter, a situation that would be perceived even by the spectators themselves.

In recent days, the television witch, “Jorge Clairvoyant“It unleashed controversy by revealing that the producer was surrounded by enemies and many envies and hinted that this would be the cause that would lead her to her sad end since she was the victim of a Santeria job.

Similarly, this character points out that one of the hosts of the Televisa program practices the “santeria“and he did not have a good relationship with the director of” Hoy “, and revealed the name of the Guadalajara, Galilea Montijo, who he claims did a job for what was his superior.

This would be revealed through an interview published by the magazine TvNotas, which indicated that someone very close to the head of the television program, “Hoy” did a job of “witchcraft“, a religion to which Montijo has been linked.

According to the clairvoyant, the work against Rodríguez was very strong and he explains what it consisted of:

It involved a photo of the producer, a lock of hair, a garment, everything is inside a lamb which is surrounded by many animals and bones of the deceased, which would be buried in a place where people who suffered a lot lie, he said.

However, Jorge would reveal that he is not the only victim of these evils, according to the publication, it was the same thing that was related to the mysterious departure of Daniel Urquiza and it would be the same person who caused what happened to Magda, he pointed out.

Previously, the magazine itself would have exposed that between the stylist, better known as “The King of extensions” and Galilea there was a very “bad relationship,” said Turquesanews.

On the other hand, Jorge Ceriani, a journalist for the YouTube program “Chisme No Like”, addressed in one of the videos the conflictive relationship between Montijo and Andrea Escalona, ​​daughter of the producer.

According to one of the hosts of this channel, it would be Galilea who would even have asked for Escalona’s head upon arrival at the program in 2018 since he could not bear it, he points out.

It was in several of the morning broadcasts in which these rumors could be verified by the audience since at the moment when both were close, the antipathy between the two could be detected with the naked eye, the journalist describes.

On the other hand, he points out that in recent months both have smoothed out rough edges, even the 47-year-old driver was very distressed at the departure of Magda, whom Galilea herself would have organized a celebration at her home on her last birthday in October, In the same way, she was very supportive of Andrea before the recent departure of her successful mother.

They reveal that Magda Rodríguez left after having fulfilled one of her biggest dreams, which was precisely to be in charge of the production of “Hoy” on Televisa.

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