for romantics and / or workers [FW Labs]

Corresponding to another era, it is an option within a niche.

For a week I have been using Samsung’s XCover Pro, a cell phone designed for people who work in the field, but also for those who long for the durability corresponding to another era.

Before, the technical specifications:

6.3 inch IPS screen
Exynos 9611 processor
64 GB storage
25 MP main camera + 8 MP ultra wide angle
13 MP front camera
4050 mAh battery

To all that package we must add IP68 certification against water and dust and a rugged body, with two programmable physical buttons.

Physically it looks like a normal A-series computer, but with a case on (but no, it’s plastic). Its material has a very good grip, it does not slip from the tables and neither from your hand. It has MIL-STD 810G certification that guarantees its high durability against shocks, drops of up to 1.5 m from height and extreme temperatures of heat and cold.

As you can imagine, it is not a cell phone for everyone. People who work in mines, sites, ports and more will long for something like this, contrary to the fragility of today’s cell phones. Perhaps companies could consider it for their workers.

But it’s good? Yes, it is not that it has the fluidity of a Note20 Ultra, forget it, but it behaves very similar to the Galaxy A51, which is a mid-range cell phone that has received very good reviews and has sold enormously.

Here it cuts out in terms of cameras, although not much, delivering super functional results, even at night or using the ultra wide angle:

Samsung XCover Pro

The battery life is fantastic, lasting easily a day and a half of normal use, and it has fast charging via USB-C at 15W. Now, if you manage to get more batteries, you can take them, as in the old days, because it is removable.

The latter will be a joy for those who walked with their extra packs and could be away for days without worrying about being disconnected. They themselves will be glad to have that extra durability and peace of mind that in the event of classic accidents, the team will probably come out unscathed.

Finally, having assignable buttons allows you to transform it into a tool designed for your needs. In my case, having the flashlight in one and Google Assistant in another was perfect.

In Chile it sells for CLP $ 499,990, in Mexico for approximately MXN $ 12,000.