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Are you a Netflix subscriber and do you pay every month to watch series like The Witcher or Hi Score Girl? We have news that you will not like entirely. What happens is that the platform confirmed that it will raise its prices from June 1, this due to the creation of new taxes.

According to Netflix, as of June 1, 2020, its price will increase 16%. This measure will apply to all packages offered by the company, so there will be no subscriber who is free to pay more.

Now, how much does this increase translate into? Since this is a percentage, the amount will be different for each of the plans. That said, you can expect an increase that ranges from $ 10 MXN to $ 37 MXN a month.

Next, we leave you all the Netflix packages and what will be their price from June 1:

Basic plan (one screen, standard definition) – from $ 129 MXN to $ 139 MXN
Standard plan (2 screen, high definition) – from $ 169 MXN to $ 196 MXN
Premium plan (4 screens, Ultra HD quality) – from $ 229 MXN to $ 266 MXN

What is the new tax that increased Netflix’s price?

As we previously informed you, this increase in prices will be due to a new tax on digital platforms. This means that services such as Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Uber or Cabify would also increase their prices in the coming months.

It should be mentioned that it is not yet clear if this situation will also affect video game services such as Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus or Nintendo Switch Online. If so, here we tell you how much you would have to pay for these subscriptions.

We will be pending and we will inform you when we know more about it.

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