Carlos Tevez He spoke on Tuesday to go to the crossroads of a complaint for an alleged violation of quarantine. « Some neighbors came to the field to take a photo with me. It is a lie that I played a dive as they say, they will have to prove it in Justice, » he explained. At the same time he referred to the return of football.

The Conmebol announced that on September 17 Mouth should play Liberty for the Libertadores Cup. « We know the dates are tentative, they can be changed. If we cannot train from here to August 10, the Conmebol going to change dates. The club and the AFA know that we cannot burn stages. I am not concerned about that, but that we arrive well and that people are healthy. Let this happen quickly and everything return to normal. I’m not worried that the Conmebol set dates because they are tentative. If we don’t train again, it will be difficult, « he argued.

« I have my opinion. Yes, there is a lot of pressure from all sides and you understand it, but with people who are sick and dying, it is very difficult for you. Everyone has their opinion and I think it is very difficult to go back now knowing that there is people dying and hospitals are collapsed. For me it is not time to return, but if they say that one has to return, one must return. It is my personal opinion, it is very difficult knowing that there are people who are dying, « he stressed.

Meanwhile, he assured that, meanwhile, he is exercising in his field in Maipú, where he is in quarantine with his family. « We can have our opinions, but that is handled by the AFA and the clubs. If the club tells me to train again, we will have to come back, » he said in an interview with América TV.

By last, You look He explained that his in-laws did not have a good time in the context of the coronavirus advance. « It is very ugly, there are people nearby who are having a very bad time, my in-laws were interned. This one touched us all. Luckily, they are strong and they were able to get out. It is touching us closely and that is why one feels hurt. I have my family here sheltered and calm. There is no one here to be saved. I am living it up close and that is why one is sensitive, « he concluded. Carlitos.