For Frida Sofía, Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán would go to jail

For Frida Sofía, Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán would go to jail | Instagram

“She wants justice”, Frida sofia is willing to punish the person or persons guilty of the abuses committed when she was still a child. Could Enrique and the singer Alejandra Guzmán step on jail?

She wants justice, they are not crimes that include an economic sanction, she wants justice, said lawyer Xavier Olea.

Apparently the daughter of Alejandra Guzman, Frida Sofía, is willing to reach the last consequences in order to find justice for the acts she allegedly committed Enrique Guzman.

If the crimes are credited, of course there is that possibility (go to jail), the Prosecutor’s Office and the control judge, determine, neither we, nor Sergio Mayer (how long they could be in prison, (it depends on the condition of the crime, there are aggravating factors, that this was when she was a minor which is an aggravating factor.

According to the lawyers of the Olea & Olea group, they confirmed through a press conference that Frida Sofía filed a criminal complaint today against her grandfather Enrique Guzmán and her mother, the “queen of rock” for crimes of abuse. ! family ol3nc! a and corruption of minors.

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It was during a recent meeting with journalists that the defenders of the young woman shared several details that could be included in this lawsuit, which could lead the “queen of hearts” and her father to an “informal preventive prison”, this if a control judge considers it completely necessary.

In our opinion, they accredit the acts with a criminal appearance that were committed by Alejandra N and Enrique N, in recent days they have presented, considering it to be appropriate, Frida is cited for the alleged imputation,

That is why I take advantage of this space to ask the CDMX justice to act accordingly, the lawyers explained.

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Likewise, the legal defense of Frida Sofía specified that against “La Guzmán”, possible crimes of family violence and corruption of minors would be indicated, since the only crime that does not include it is that of abuse. s3xu @ l.

It is not complicity, it is a single complaint against two people for three crimes, the Public Ministry is the one who determines if there is a crime and who committed it.

Alejandra Guzmán is related to crimes of family violence and corruption of minors, there is no direct relationship with abuse, they highlighted.

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On the other hand, the defense by the granddaughter of the singer and rock actor, Enrique Guzmán, expressed that they continue to collect evidence against the interpreters, although they stressed that they already have enough material against them:

Present witnesses, documents, videos and expert witnesses, there is enough probative material. I believe that the data that exists today is sufficient to lead those investigated to a trial.

Likewise, the lawyers Olea & Olea reported that Frida Sofía is taking therapy to be able to face in the best way this legal situation against the members of her family.

During the recent appearances of Frida Sofía, she has not hesitated to speak on the subject in addition to criticizing the “rocker” for not having defended her, and has also clarified whether the interview she gave to journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante “was paid “.

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On the contrary, he thanked the communicator for having given him this space to talk about what he experienced during his childhood and adolescence.

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