In the modern history of the country, there have been crimes that shook the population due to the shocking nature of the history, those involved or the level of sadism in the murders.

There is the case of “The Summit Killer” in which the then young Diego Santoy Riveroll monopolized the news in 2006, when he decided to murder two children in revenge because the minors’ sister ended their relationship. The same year, Juana Barraza, the ex-wrestler who went from the ring to prison for committing at least 17 homicides of elderly women, also made the headlines.

These crimes are joined by the case of Paulette, the girl who in 2010 disappeared from the apartment where she lived with her family in an exclusive area of ​​Huixquilucan and who after 10 days of searching in which the entire country followed through the media Communication the story, the minor was found under the mattress, in her own room.

It was in March 2010 when this story shocked and outraged the country, but as the years passed, the story faded. That is why after it was revealed that Netflix will premiere on June 12 a new installment of its series “History of a crime”, in which it has already addressed issues such as the murder of Luis Donaldo Colosio, this time he will revive the case of the girl Paulette under the title “The Search”.

Fernando Bonilla, with Darío Yazbek and Regina Blandón will tell this tragic story on the streaming platform.


“I think our country suffers from the evil of a lack of memory and, despite the fact that it is a not too distant subject, it is easier for the Mexican to forget. It is good to generate discussion on topics of interest; beyond the morbidity of a crime, The series focuses on the investigation, on the vices of how it was politically addressed, how clumsy and dark it was, and how we reacted as a media and society to this news. These are topics that seem pertinent to me to bring back to public discussion, that contribute to a more political society and to the construction of a democracy, “the histrion explained.

Héctor Bonilla’s son pointed out that the series will have touches of fiction to give agility to the story and his character (a corrupt police officer) is not based on a real life one.

“I dumbbell with Mario Monroy; we make the game of the good and the bad police. The sensation of recording this was just as unpleasant and discouraging that when we lived the case, I was left with the same unknowns, there are many dark things in the investigation that It was done and the answers are quite buried and that feeling I had is what we hope the viewer will have and draw their conclusions. “

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