Nissan continues to demonstrate that support in this time of crisis is essential and now launches a new benefit for the entire health sector that fights against COVID in Mexico.

Staying in solidarity is vital after the affectations we have undergone and which have been generated by the coronavirus pandemic throughout the world. Nissan He is very clear about this concept and from the beginning of the confinement he showed how firm and supportive it can be as a brand, that is why he has shown solidarity with all the medical personnel of mexico, giving an additional year of warranty to all owners of a brand vehicle.

The benefit is aimed at all health sector personnel who purchased a new vehicle between January 2017 and until August 2020, that is, such support could still apply to those who plan to purchase a model next month.

The additional warranty year will apply from the end of the basic warranty with which they acquired their cars new.

â € œWe estimate that through this action we will be supporting more than 30 thousand clients in the health professionals segment, offering them greater flexibility and the security of keeping their vehicles protected against unexpected repairs, for more time ”, he commented Santiago Jury, director of the Total Customer Satisfaction area, Nissan Mexico.

To make valid the extension of the guarantee it is necessary to go directly to a service advisor at any distributor of the firm in the country.

This is not the first measure of support that Nissan offers after the COVID-19 pandemic, since previously it had already enacted other measures such as the transfer of supplies and Mexican personnel in vehicles of the range, or the manufacture of protective masks in its manufacturing plants in Aguascalientes and CIVAC , in addition to the contribution of dressing gowns, gloves, covers mouths, among others.


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