For clean transportation! Activists ask the US Congress for resources for electric buses

15 minutes. A group of mothers and environmental activists from the US is touring the country in electric buses to ask the Senate to include a special item to promote clean transportation in the infrastructure package that they plan to vote on Wednesday.

The activists and mothers, part of the Moms Clean Air Force organization, began their tour on July 15.

Already this Wednesday they are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To stage their protest, they are using school buses that have a characteristic yellow color and that are easily recognizable by all the inhabitants of the United States.

For health

One of the mothers, Columba Sainz, explained to . the reasons that motivated her to join the peculiar initiative.

Pollution in Phoenix, where she lives, forces her to stay home with her children instead of going out to play in the park.

“Every time we wanted to play in the park, I would take a look at the application on my mobile to see the air quality and confirm the inevitable, that going out would only harm the health of my children, so we had to stay inside,” Sainz explained .

He assures that his “story is not unique”.

Specifies that in Arizona, 10% of minors suffer from asthma, clean transportation is a matter not only of climate change, but also of health.

According to his organization’s data, an electric bus would save the city of Phoenix and other cities an average of US $ 115,000 over its useful life in terms of fuel and maintenance.

Speaking to ., Dr. Juanita Mora, from the American Lung Association, considered that the transition to clean transportation would have a positive impact on the health of communities of color and the poorest neighborhoods in the United States, which disproportionately suffer from the effects of contamination.

The group of mothers and activists, supported by elected officials at the state level, plans to hold events in 19 districts or cities.

They have already made stops in Atlanta (Georgia) and Phoenix (Arizona) and will conclude their tour at the end of August.

That Wednesday, the US Senate is scheduled to hold a procedural vote on the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure plan,

The progressive flank of the Democratic Party wanted that package included more funds to combat poverty, climate change and improve health systems.

Republicans opposed it, so Democrats have ended up stuffing them into another social spending package.

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