The Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community, Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque, considered this Sunday « a supine recklessness » the mobilization against Vicentin’s intervention in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, and considered that it was « a bomb in sanitary terms ».

« Beyond the political characterization (of the march), in health terms it is a bomb that has been generated », Held.

Speaking to Radio 10, the provincial official assured that it was a « very dangerous » act in the current context of increasing the rate of contagion. « A supine recklessness of many sectors unfortunately », defined the referent of La Cámpora and evaluated that « We will see the consequence of this agglomeration in the coming days. »

« Not only are the people who went to the mobilization being harmed, who have the right to express themselves as long as the law is respected », but also, « many of those who must have been infected yesterday they are going to infect people who were not even in that mobilization« , he pointed. For all this, he concluded that the mobilization was « very, very serious. »

According to Larroque, « the relaxation » of the quarantine by a sector of the citizenry « has created a greater circulation of the virus » and that could lead to « a peak of saturation of the health system » if strong measures are not taken in time.

« We are entering the worst moment », alerted the Buenos Aires minister, who expressed « worried » about the increase in infections in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA).

Agricultural producers and self-convened citizens carried out a “flag” that had its epicenter in the Santa Fe city of Avellaneda, where the agro-export company is installed.

In addition to Avellaneda, almost 70 districts of the country, located in the provinces of Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Chaco, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, Salta, Mendoza, San Juan and La Pampa, joined the mobilization. , among other. Protesters also gathered in the city of Buenos Aires at the Obelisk.

« I know perfectly well that this is not because of Vicentín, this is what people feel, feels that they are robbing them of their freedom, they want Justice to act, they want a country with more peace and democracy, » said Héctor Vicentin, one of the family members who own the company.

And he added: « I want to save the company, those who managed Vicentin are some criminals, and it turns out that I am the dictator. I’m fed up ».