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Now that we are noticing very cold and that it seems that we still have some days of low temperatures, perhaps one of the keys when taking the baby out for a walk, is to use a bag for the stroller, which you must choose properly so that it fits snugly and certainly protects our little one, but How to choose the footmuff for your baby’s stroller?

How to choose the footmuff for your baby’s stroller?

In a previous post we already talked about some of the cold strategies for babies, and although it is essential to dress the baby in layers and with a good coat when we are going to take him for a walk, in the event that he is already sitting in his seat, it will be good that he also hasIt is a sack, which will allow you to stay cold at any time.

When it comes to preparing everything necessary for the baby’s arrival, we may not even think about the stroller bag. Surely on our list of essential things will be the cart or stroller, the plastic to prevent it from getting wet and even an umbrella, but we must also be aware of the importance of having one of these bags, which you can also buy as a separate piece to the cart, so it will be a matter of wait for the baby to start sitting in his seat and then choose the most appropriate one.

And it is that the bag for the stroller is perhaps the essential element for the low temperatures that it is doing these days and for winter in general. It is true that the coat that the baby is wearing, and the hood will be essential but it is thanks to the jacket that we will get a real « shelter » that is wind and rain proof.

Let’s see then what are the main factors for orientation in the wide selection of bags for the baby stroller:

Bad weather resistance

The first factor to consider according to our experience is precisely the technical aspect. Too often, when choosing a winter jacket, we dwell on the aesthetics or color of the object, without carefully wondering about the technical characteristics of the material from which it is made. Make sure that the jacket you are going to buy is resistant to wind and rain , as well as a suitable material that keeps the heat inside. Many of the most sold currently on the market have a thermal lining or a fleece, these will undoubtedly be the best you can buy.

Wheelchair measurements

Another very important factor is undoubtedly the size of the bag. Check that the dimensions of the wheelchair are compatible with those of the winter bag. There are many universal bags on the market, adaptable to any type of wheelchair. Otherwise just Measure the surface of the wheelchair and make sure you buy a footmuff that has the measurements that fit to those taken for the car seat. And if you want to guide yourself even better, check the brand of the stroller you have and look to see if that brand has the bag that corresponds to the model of your stroller.

Convenience of use

The third point is related to the practicality of use. Once purchased, the bag will be used daily and therefore should be easily opened (usually by zippers or slits at various points). Must be paid attention to the type of opening and details such as zippers to avoid the risk of pinching the baby’s skin. Also think that many times when we are out for a walk, the baby starts to cry or is simply not comfortable or we notice that we must change the diaper. It will be essential to have an easy-to-open bag so that you do not have to waste time opening or closing it.

Design and aesthetics

Once you are satisfied that your chosen jacket has all the useful characteristics in terms of strength, size and practicality, you can indulge yourself and choose the pattern you like best. At this stage there are hundreds of patterns, colors, textures … You have many options to choose from!.

The best footmuffs for the baby chair 2021

With these factors indicated, we hope we have helped you, but if you want to be able to know which model to choose from those that are currently sold the most in the market. These would be, best bags for the stroller in this 2021.

Bugaboo High Performance footmuff

The first is the model Bugaboo High Performance sold on Amazon. It is a model considered among the most complete both for style and technical quality. Its advantages are identified in the agoose down quilt, en the waterproof fabric, which characterizes the outer part, and in the hood shape of the upper part. Its price, yes, it is somewhat expensive although exceeds € 200.

Kaiser Iglu Sack

Of German origin, however, are the Kaiser thermal bags. In this case, we are faced with the «Iglu» model, a product that has an excellent quality-price ratio, especially with regard to models made with fleece. A bag that adapts to practically any model of stroller and that also includes a hood to guarantee greater protection. Its price is around € 45.

Mayoral Sack

Particularly appreciated for its practicality and the possibility of adapting to any type of cart, we have the Mayoral sleeve sack, It has two materials: polyester and cotton that guarantee that we can always keep the baby warm and that we also have no problem when washing the bag in the washing machine. A jacket that you can also buy in blue, in addition to the gray that we show you. Its price is around € 48.

Bamboom Igloo Sack

We ended up talking about the thermal bag Bamboom Igloo. Also in this case we are faced with a two-in-one product, in addition to being especially appreciated for its softness and elegance. This model, in fact, can be expanded thanks to a simple zipper, going from egg mode to stroller mode. Its price is around € 100.