In times of confinement and health alert due to the coronavirus, solidarity and curious stories come to light. One of them is Toni Dovale, professional footballer that these weeks is living a very different experience due to everything that is happening for the Covid-19. And is that the Galician, who came to debut with the Celta in First and also played in teams such as Leganés or Rayo Vallecano, He is doing an internship in a pharmacy in La Coruña during the quarantine.

His last team was the Navi from Thailand, to which he would return on these dates to continue working. However, the coronavirus crisis has prevented him from continuing his professional career at this time. The pandemic forced him to stay in Galician lands, and Toni Dovale has chosen to do his internship at the family pharmacy and lend a hand in this complicated situation. «I came to Galicia before Christmas, which is when the season ends there and now that we were going to return with the start of the new season because this arose. First they put the Europeans in quarantine, then they were barred from entering, and then the situation broke out here, ”he told Radio Marca.

“Proud” to be able to help

The player studied Pharmacy a long time ago: «I had studied the race a few years ago and had pending practices because when I was outside I did not gather enough time to be able to do them. What better time than this to lend a hand, to help and contribute as much as you can, as one more citizen ».

The Galician does not hide that he prefers the ball, but he is proud to be able to help: «I am more of throwing pipes than selling masks but this is an exceptional situation that We had not lived before and we all must shoulder our shoulders. What we all want is that it be solved as soon as possible and we can return to our lives, which in my case is to play soccer. What we want is to resume our routine and normality. In my case playing in Thailand or wherever but now I can help elsewhere and I am proud of it and I try to contribute. ”