Slowly Europe begins to return to the new “normal” imposed by the coronavirus and the outbreak that keeps everyone on alert. Although some leagues have returned or are on their way to it, the truth is that everything will be without an audience seeking to reduce the chances of contagion.

However, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, spoke again of coronavirus and left some statements that surprised. “The situation in UEFA is neither alarming nor dangerous”, began the manager, who a few weeks ago had warned that “the coronavirus is not the apocalypse of football.”

In addition, he assured that “I don’t think this virus will last forever, it will change sooner than many think” and he was even encouraged to bet a million dollars that the Euro Cup that was to be played this year, will be held in 2021.

“I am an optimistic person. The people we know will probably die at some point, but why worry today?” He explained, while also assuring that “football with fans will return soon.”

Beyond Ceferin’s sayings, the truth is that the European governments are taking extreme care in health safety protocols, seeking to minimize the chances of contagion. In this context, it seems difficult for sports with an audience to return soon. “I don’t think anything will change forever, it is a new experience and when we get rid of this virus things will return to normal,” he explained.

In dialogue with the Guardian newspaper, the leader also substituted that “football did not change after the Second World War and it will not be changed by a virus”. In addition, he referred to the controversy over the reduction in the wages of footballers and in addition to warning that “the players are not greedy”, he gave his position: “the market decides the prices and if you or I receive an offer to collect 20 Millions per season we are not going to ask for less. They pay high taxes and generate a lot of income. “