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Gone are the times when the Athletics denounced the Barça for negotiating in the back with Griezmann. Gone are those days when the most extreme fans called him a traitor. Now, the two estates surrender to the request of the ‘Messiah’ Simeone. We are before the revolt of the French in the stadium Metropolitan. Some wise man meant that time heals everything and even causes the forgetfulness of loves and betrayals. Surely he was not thinking about the story of Antoine Griezmann, that Gallic ‘little prince’ who sought a throne in Barcelona and that it failed in the attempt. Several episodes later, the comeback became as real as the deal was detected in extremis.

Griezmann attends his first training session and sends a message to the Atléticos

After a controversial summer, the economic anguish that is experienced in the Blaugrana territory made it possible for Atleti and the French, jointly, to impose their opinion on a Laporta who had not found a better solution. Everything was activated when, forty hours before the market closed, one of the Barça executives –Alemany– requested the exchange of French for Joao Félix. Barça’s trickery did not work, but in Madrid it was enough to enable Saúl to leave, dig for a salary gap, endorse the Portuguese and satisfy Simeone. A drowned Laporta played that game tied up and at the opponent’s expense.

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Simeone: “Griezmann has to be prepared to play whatever he has to play”


Griezmann, finally, understood that he needed to revive his career, that in the Camp Nou He would never be an idol and that after two years of more action than omission he would not reach the affection of the fans, the one that he guarded so much and that he threw down the drain with his hardly explainable movements of contempt for the rojiblanco. Because he was not only exhibited with the provocation of the documentary, before his disregard for the athletic shield was constant. In the club he trembled at every garter break. Every time he went to play for France, the boy stood in the media window to proclaim aloud that his time at Atleti had expired. However, the goals and the performance worked in their favor and prevented the crowd from becoming excited against this childish behavior. In addition, the warmth that Simeone gave him, who watched his creation settle among the best in the world, wrapped him up to continue winding up a game that ceased to be fiction.

The once again new Atleti player has accepted all the economic conditions imposed by the rojiblanca property. Griezmann’s sister, his main advisor, already knew that to return to the Metropolitan, the money he received at FC Barcelona had to be substantially lowered. According to sources close to the negotiation, the Frenchman has accepted the year for thirty percent less than what was signed in Barcelona. The contract is even significantly lower than the amount he received before paying the clause that led him to Barça, which so outraged the Madrid leadership and that the RFEF Competition Committee resolved with a ridiculous 300 euro fine for flirting prior to the payment of that termination. The point is that the Frenchman plays on loan this season and if he participates in more than fifty percent of the official matches, Atleti de Simeone will be forced to make a compulsory purchase estimated at 40 million euros.

The return of Griezmann, who only saw it possible to play under Cholo’s orders, is an express request from the coach, who maintains that the club should not give up the best footballers. And in this growth of the entity something unthinkable a few years ago was achieved: the double movement in a biennium with Luis Suárez first and then, the Frenchman. This last minute feat causes excess baggage up front. This is where the Argentine must manage, who has already shown that he can promise a lot when it comes to signing, but that he will then align whoever best observes. Griezmann must put the batteries and be more that of France than that of Barça if he does not want to finish as Diego Costa. Something similar happened with the Brazilian, Simeone loved him so much that he ended up convincing him to return. However, the coach did not grant him extensions of improvement and ended up so desperate that he ended up fleeing in the middle of the course. Three other players feel that Antoine’s arrival hurts them. He is the star of the team, the best player since the start of this championship and an enigmatic signing for which 30 million euros have been disbursed, according to information from different media.

Simeone: “Griezmann has to be prepared to play whatever he has to play”

The movement of Barça to exchange Griezmann for Joao Felix He was forced by the uncomfortable situation that the Portuguese lives in Madrid. The commitment to the Portuguese continues to be firm from the offices, but when it comes to reaching the pitch, the good synergies are cut off. The performance of the one who inherited the Frenchman’s number has not been entirely satisfactory and Simeone takes advantage of that, who is aware of the debate generated by a Joao on the sidelines of the starting eleven. But as long as he does not break it, not a scratch for the technician, who takes advantage of Correa’s docile character to navigate with him between fixed or revulsive. More indomitable, for unknown, is how he will face the present of Cunha. At 22 years old, it is assumed that he will have patience to support the bench, but it is already known that every Brazilian is a melon to open and, for now, the ambition of the Olympic champion in Tokyo’21 is unknown. However, whoever wins is the entity that has formed a forward that will command Suarez, with gallons still for being the top scorer last year. Thus, the revolt of Griezmann does not bring calm to Simeone, whom his whim places with more solutions than problems. Will it be the other way around?

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Griezmann attends his first training session and sends a message to the Atléticos

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