Football says enough against the calendar

Zidane He is not a man who is used to making big headlines at a press conference. The coach of the Real Madrid He is not a friend of getting into gardens and avoids controversy by all means, but in the appearance before the duel before him Villarreal I wanted to send a message to the world of football. And it is that, the Frenchman joins the opinion that the calendar to which the clubs are subjected in this rare year is a real madness. In short, the Frenchman said enough.

“It is something for all the coaches… We had a meeting with the coaches. To try to change something. I have spoken to say my feelings, what I think, what I have inside. They are people who are trained to see what they can do. I think about health and I also mean what football is. Playing many games, health and the game of matches is important that we play well, that they can rest to give a good show, “said the technician at a press conference.

Zidane was very annoyed with a calendar that is squeezing the players. The Frenchman in this break had to regret the loss of Sergio Ramos and Jovic. That of the captain is an absence that will be tremendously important for the whites in the prelude to a very complicated calendar. But Real Madrid is not the only one with sensitive absences.

Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona, ​​who meet each other this weekend, They will not be able to count on Luis Suárez and Torreira, infected by coronavirus, and Sergio Busquets, who was injured in the match between Switzerland and Spain. Or, for example, it has already been known that Betis will not be able to have Canales for the next six or eight weeks.

Koeman and Kroos also angry

The Real Madrid coach has not been the only one to raise his voice. Koeman also showed his discomfort in the previous one against Atlético: «We know that for big teams it’s a tight schedule. It is not good to play three games, one of them friendly. I have been a coach for more than two years, but I have never risked with a player. What I do not understand, for example, is that all the away games we have played at 9:00 p.m. All the games in Ukraine or Russia were played at 7:00 p.m. and we at 9:00 p.m. This does not help. In all the away games, I understand Atlético’s, but all the others have been at 9:00 p.m., arriving home very late, having to travel. I am very against, you have to think more about the big clubs. We are doing badly in this regard.

Remember that in recent weeks Toni Kroos already regretted this schedule. The Real Madrid player and the German national team assured that “the players are only puppets in these new competitions invented by FIFA and UEFA. Nobody consults us. If there were a players union, we would not play a Nations League or a Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia».