Football | Olympic Games: Jesús Vallejo: “We will remember this for a lifetime”

Jesus Vallejo reviewed the news of the Olympic team before the debut against Egypt in the Games in a talk with Alejandro Blanco, president of the COE, and various Spanish journalists.

Adaptation: “We are eager to start after many days in the hotel and focused on this match.”

Alejandro Blanco on the group’s commitment: “We have never had such a high-quality team, we have a high-quality group with a great technical director.”

Vallejo about the group: “The concentration of Benidorm was very good for us, the group was looking forward to doing group dynamics to get to know each other better.”

Physical state: “I’m perfect, I’m perfectly fine, I’ve had a couple of training sessions with the team and I’m perfect. Preparation stuff that there are always more overloaded areas and it is advisable to rest some day.

Acclimatization to Sapporo: “One of the best things we have been able to do has been to come to Japan on time, the friendly went very well and the training sessions in Sapporo. I see the team very well, wanting to start after many days of preparation. We want to compete and recover to the next game. “

Standards in Japan: “I suppose they are like that for all athletes, I imagine that also for Australia, Argentina and Egypt. We are eager to train and get out of the routine, it gets tough sometimes, but the team has endured it very well. makes you spend more time together. “

Debut against a rival that is not the toughest: “They are a tough, physical team that is almost certainly with a line of five and works hard. We saw what it cost against Japan, there will be no easy games and it is important to start with victory and face the competition in a different way. If we are not right we will have proe

Play some games: “A tremendous illusion, I knew that if I did not come to this list I would not be in the Games and in the end all these restrictions come to nothing. We only care to be here and win these Games. As an athlete we only think about winning and also we are looking forward to reaching the Olympic Village, which must be a great experience. “

Status of the repeaters: “I have seen them phenomenal from the first day they arrived, very adapted. We made a WhatsApp group with them from the first day so that they would be aware. If they are here it is because the coach has called them and they have wanted to come, something that is to be appreciated after playing a European Championship “.

Special tournament: “You can breathe that athletic atmosphere, that this is something unique and hopefully it’s something historic. We know that you have to adapt to the conditions, but it also makes it more special. Hopefully we’ll be here until the end.”

92 Medal and experience of the Games: “Now we are not lucky enough to live with other athletes being in Sapporo and I hope we get that medal. We have been working in our clubs for a long time, a lot of people have been left out and for them we will try to fight for those medals. It will be tough, but all of them the difficulties will be worth it. We will remember this for a lifetime. “

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