Football | Olympic Games: Bicycle rides, ping pong games and talks with athletes: The new life for the National Team in the Villa

From not being able to leave the room to being able to take bicycle rides, play ping pong games, share an apartment, chat with athletes of all disciplines and even meet family members. The concentration of the Spanish soccer team has taken a 180 degree turn after its arrival at the Olympic village.

Although they have only been in the enclosure for 48 hours and they have had to make two long trips for Tokyo To go to training camp, the truth is that this Tuesday morning the mood changed for many of them.

<p>Initially, the expedition was divided into four apartments of eight each.  The good atmosphere that reigns in the expedition made the distribution of the accommodation especially easy.  Team <strong>PlayStation</strong> on the one hand, Parcheesi team on the other and mixed team.  In addition, the coaching staff rejuvenated a few years by sharing another apartment.  The rest of the expedition that did not enter the Villa stayed in a hotel in <strong>Tokyo</strong>. </p>
<p>Once installed, the internationals took advantage of the morning of this Tuesday in which they only had a small tactical talk to ride a bicycle around the enclosure, meet other athletes and take advantage of a good part of the hobbies that there are.  For instance, <strong>Pedri</strong> He tried ping pong with the Spanish Olympian <strong>Maria Xiao</strong>.</p>
<p>The meal routine has also changed.  Now they eat in a dining room with all the athletes, obviously there are no closed spaces for them like in the hotels, and they have food of all kinds in the many restaurants in the city. <strong>Olympic village</strong>. </p>
<p>Spanish internationals are the center of attention on some occasions, but they are also being able to see athletes they admire, such as, <strong>Zverev</strong>, tennis player to whom the goalkeeper <strong>Alvaro Fernandez</strong> He was excited to see in person. </p>
<p>In the <strong>Olympic village</strong> there is an option to see even the family.  This has happened to <strong>Rafa mir</strong>, who has found himself in <strong>Tokyo</strong> with his cousin <strong>Nicolau Mir</strong>, Olympian in gymnastics. </p>
<p>Thus, the players have gone from having security in the corridors of the hotel that prevented them from leaving beyond a dining room to being able to enjoy an Olympic atmosphere, from being able to go to the gym, for a walk or chat with different colleagues about an event for history . </p>
<p>Of course, let’s hope that despite being excited about this change of environment, they can leave it for a few days to play next Saturday the quarterfinals in <strong>Miyagi</strong> after being first of groups.</p>
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