Atlético de Madrid midfielder Saúl Ñíguez has been following a vegetarian diet for more than two years, which he decided to adopt after suffering a serious kidney disease, and this Tuesday he was explaining through social networks how he makes it compatible with the professional sport.

“I started with health problems, because of the kidney, I have been two and a half or three years, and if I had to say whether I recommend it or not, right now I would say yes, yes, well advised. I think it is the best suitable to perform at the highest level “, explained in a live on his Instagram profile the midfielder from Elche.

Saúl played for over a year with an internal catheter in his left kidney, after suffering a kidney trauma in February 2015 from a blow during a Champions League match against German Bayer Leverkusen. He had previously undergone surgery for nephritic colic, when he was on loan at Rayo Vallecano.

Along with his personal nutritionist, Jonathan Ondina, who has carried out this work in teams such as Valencia, Saúl explained that after having changed his diet, his rest has improved and that he has not taken an anti-inflammatory for a year. “I do not know if it is one hundred percent for food, but I know that it has helped me,” he said.

The midfielder recommended that his followers be interested in eating a diet that is “well structured” and “advised by a professional.” “You have to get advice from a professional, I don’t know anything, but I get advice from someone I trust completely. I started with the kidney issue, but now I continue because I want to improve my performance,” he added.

As he explained, the Atletico midfielder does not usually eat before games and “does not take anything” during breaks from games, unlike other players, since for him the worst feeling is that eating or drinking excessively causes him pain stomach when playing.

Saúl and his nutritionist were answering the questions of his followers on social networks. In one of them, they asked him about a nutrition brand that sponsors Atlético Femenino, about which the player said he “is not in favor” of being “in any sport.”

“Soccer is a business, people accept advertising of anything, and then there are the values ​​of each one of wanting to accept it or not. I have had offers of products that do not represent me and I have not accepted, but at another time I You better need it, and you do accept it, “he argued.