Football | New Super League: De Laurentiis presents his project

The businessman and president of Napolés, Aurelio De Laurentiis, is back in the news for its revolutionary ideas. De Laurentiis has given an interview to the Daily Mail where he has exposed his particular Superliga project away from the idea of ​​Madrid, Barça and Juventus, which he considers “wrong”.

“The system no longer works. Champions and Europa League do not generate enough income for clubs and to be competitive you need to spend more. The prize of the UEFA competitions does not take it into account: the clubs must talk to each other to create a more modern and profitable tournament, “he began by recounting.

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De Laurentiis also stated that his idea goes through reform domestic competitions from each country: “We must reduce the number of teams in the championships, and create a European league with a democratic classification system, based on what the clubs achieve in their countries. I have been studying this project: would bring € 10 billion to European football, but you have to have will and total independence. “

Together with the idea that Florentino already spoke about, the president of Napolés wants rescue young audiences to increase revenue: “If we do not change the rules and do not improve the show, they will abandon us. People between 8 and 25 years old, according to my survey, stopped watching football and prefer to play with mobile phones.”

In this way, De Laurentiss seeks a ‘salvation’ through the new technologies: “The desire to see football live in the stadiums will not die, but now there are ‘virtual stadiums’ that can attract billions of people. Hopefully we can return them to the path of the largest and most influential sport in the world, “he concluded.

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