Football | Martin Braithwaite: “The Eriksen thing was one of the most terrible experiences of my life”

The current Barcelona striker, Martin Braithwaite, has relived what happened in Europe with Eriksen in a documentary produced by Lucky Mnetal and 433. The Dane excitedly told how that moment was. “I experienced one of the most terrible situations of my life. What was the most important sporting event in the history of Denmark turned into a nightmare. What happened that night was a shock to many people. There was a moment when I looked at him and he was gone. When you see him or when you see his body … where the person is dead, there is no doubt. You know immediately. It is what I saw. ” remember the striker.

I experienced one of the most terrible situations of my life


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“When I saw him I started to pray a lot. I felt like it was the only thing I could do at that moment. Look at God. We had all the doctors working on him and that image … is something that I don’t want anyone to see. ending we had a happy ending. Christian is fine and stable and that’s the only thing we wanted. “, the Danish player points.


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