“Football here benefits me more than Italian”

Berenguer He played for three seasons for Torino in Serie A. “It was a very nice experience. I grew up as a player and as a person. I went young and alone to Italy. At first the situation was a bit difficult because you are alone, you do not understand the language and football is very different. But those three years in Italy were very good for me, they have completed me as a player. I think LaLiga football benefits me more than Italian football. The results are being seen ”, says the Navarrese trained in the Osasuna quarry.

The extreme expands its explanation. “In Italy, football is very close, there are few spaces. He is very unemployed, very tactical. What I need is a little space because I am fast. I need to be able to do the one on one. In Italy it is very difficult to be able to make this type of plays, they always have the help of a defender or the pivot. It is more difficult to score goals or create dangerous actions because the defenses are very tight ”, he adds.

This learning has been good for him to return to LaLiga. “There I played a lot as a lane and as a second striker. In this last position there was a season that I scored six goals. It’s another football, you play a lot of contact football, playing one touch. It is very different from here. The one in the League benefits me much more ”, he reiterated.

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