Football | FIFA also closes the door to the Basque team in official tournaments

The Basque Football Federation (FVF) has received this weekend formally the refusal by FIFA to admit his request to be a full member of the organization, so he assumes that this “closes the door for the moment” to the Basque team officially plays international competitions.

That posture of the FIFA -remember the FVF it’s a statement- joins the one that UEFA announced a few weeks ago and that he has communicated in a way official this monday to through the Royal Spanish Football Federation, to which UEFA has addressed its letter.


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The FVF consider that UEFA and FIFA positions “are bad news for the Basque Football Federation, which has already sent the two resolutions to its legal services so that they can assess whether there is room for action in this regard “.

The Basque Federation explains that the argument of the highest body of world football to deny your request it is based on that does not meet the legal criteria set out in the FIFA regulations, since it is an Autonomous Community “and not an independent state recognized by the international community.”

“This same argument has been used by UEFA to reject the application made by the FVF to become a member of that organization,” they add.

The Basque Football Federation, in any case, “does not share the arguments of either of these two resolutions and will continue working in all areas in favor of the officiality, redoubling its efforts to get recognition that our society demands “.

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