Football | El Arrebato covers the Seville anthem in Catalan and COVID

If moving was the hymn that Francisco Javier Labandón, El Arrebato, composed for the centenary of Seville, now three decades ago, goosebumps is the version that just came to light. It is a adaptation in Catalan language who has interpreted for solidarity purposes for the program The Marathon, of TV3, which every year raises funds for a social cause and that in this edition, how could it be otherwise, will allocate its resources to the fight against COVID-19.

Seville Shield / Flag

We will win this battle together”, The chorus of this version starts in Catalan, which continues like this:“ You will never be alone in the fight anymore. Hope, courage and anger give us the strength to keep going. We are brave, warriors, we are the force. You will always have us no matter what it takes. A team that risks life and leaves no fear because together we will win”. The sevillista centennial anthem thus becomes an ode to the fight against the pandemic, and which TV3 itself presents as “one of the surprises” of its solidarity telemarathon.

And the first stanza also affects this: “They say that a word of hope can move mountains if you say it with your heart. The will of always, the secret of life, when you do not walk alone and destiny is sincere. I feel your energy when you and I step onto the grass to fight. Thousands of voices that scream give me strength when written victory is in destiny”.

The emotional adaptation of El Arrebato will be on sale next November 29 in the Disc de la Marató, which is traditionally one of the best-selling of the year in Catalonia, and which has versions of fifty more artists, for the most diverse tastes, from Jackson Browne to Rozalén passing through Nina, Elena Gadel, Beret, Antonio Orozco or Sebastián Yatra.