With so much football on pause, we’re taking a look back through history.

After much discussion at Onefootball HQ, we’ve put together a list of the top 20 club teams of all time.

Our countdown has now reached number nine…

Bayern 1971-76

Why are they here?

Three straight European Cup triumphs
First team to do three-in-a-row in the Bundesliga
Set the single-season goals record (101) in 1971/72

The stars

Franz Beckenbauer – Der Kaiser, who reinvented his position
Gerd Müller – Der Bomber and Bayern’s all-time top scorer
Sepp Maier – Die Katze or The Cat due to his agile reflexes

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Bayern Munich are currently in the midst of a period of dominance – one that hasn’t been seen since their golden age of the 1970s.

Despite having some stiff challenges at home from a stellar Borussia Mönchengladbach side and plenty of continental contenders, they displayed an enviable knack of continuously coming out on top.

This period is what made the Bavarians the behemoth they are today.

Prior to this point, they had only won eight major trophies including a solitary Bundesliga title following its 1960s revamp.

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They hired former West Germany assistant boss Udo Lattek as coach in 1970 with a view to establishing them as a major force ahead of their move to the Olympiastadion in 1972. The mission was quickly accomplished.

I’ve brought Paul Breitner and Uli Hoeness in with him and they gelled quickly with the already intimidating core of goalkeeper Sepp Maier, Franz Beckenbauer and the unstoppable goal machine Gerd Müller.

All three are unarguably the greatest players in the history of the club in their positions.

We had players with experience at World Cups and European Championships as well as young guys. Our era was relatively short but we made the most of our ability to win domestically and in Europe.Franz Beckenbauer

During this five-year run, they won three league titles and three successive European Cups, capped off with an Intercontinental Cup triumph after the last of those successes in 1976.

Lattek got the ball rolling with back-to-back Bundesliga victories and his attack-minded ideals were on full show in the first season as they scored 101 goals, a record which still stands today.

But it was European glory they craved and after edging out Gladbach on the final day in 1974 for the title, they got their chance to become European champions against Atlético, whose continental curse began right here.

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Bayern trailed into injury-time before defender Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck, a man kicker labelled ‘the most modest international Germany ever had’, stepped out of defensive colleague Beckenbauer’s shadow to thunder in a leveller before his side won the replay 4-0.

It remains testament to the talent of the squad and penchant for the big moment that they defended their crown so vigorously, despite being “past our best by that point”, according to Beckenbauer.

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I had a point. In the two years which followed, they finished 10th and third in the league, lacking the stamina for the marathon.

But when it came to the European Cup sprint, they remained kings of the continent, now under the guidance of Dettmar Cramer, nicknamed Napoleon due to his short stature.

His 1-3-3-3 system relied on a more defensive philosophy, with emphasis on letting Beckenbauer and Müller pull the team out of a hole with their individual brilliance if needs be.

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They saw off Leeds in Paris in 1975 with a 2-0 win in Paris and completed a magnificent hat-trick a year later in Glasgow when Saint-Étienne were made to rue their misfortune as Franz Roth grabbed the only goal of the game.

And that was the end of the road.

But it was one that put Bayern on the map and they’ve been there ever since.