“Fools and ignorance” Pepe Aguilar forces them to get vaccinated

“Stupid and ignorance” Pepe Aguilar forces them to get vaccinated | Instagram

It was the singer Pepe Aguilar who launched a strong criticism of all those who have been against vaccination and have decided not to get vaccinated: “Tarugadas e ignorance“, he noted, as more lives continue to be lost.

Pepe Aguilar deeply addressed the issue of the vaccination To stop the contagions, he assured that all his staff will be forced to receive the compound, if not, they will run the risk of losing their jobs.

I have people in my organization who do not agree to get vaccinated either. What do you think will happen to them? I will have to leave them in their house until they are vaccinated, as long as they are not vaccinated, they cannot work with me, no one can work with me who is not vaccinated, he stressed.

As for those who point out that their decision is against the law, the musician, Pepe Aguilar He had no qualms and points out that he puts the rules and primarily looks after their health.

And what are they going to tell me? Is it unconstitutional? Ni m # dr3s, it’s my house, very rules (my rules) my show, my collaborators are at my house, and if they want to work with me, they have to be under very rules (they must be under my rules). Period, he assured.

I respect everyone’s decision a lot, but I respect it as long as those decisions do not affect third parties. We are not going to talk about conspiracy theories, it is the same stupid thing. Added.

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He too composer and producer, launched a direct ultimatun to his collaborators, whom he referred to, many “are reluctant to get vaccinated,” so he will be forced to do without them, said Pepe Aguilar.

José Antonio Aguilar, better known in the industry as Pepe Aguilar, exploded and also asks that they stop spreading alleged “conspiracies“.

The fact is that more lives are still being lost and do not say foolishly that it is a global conspiracy, he said.

The American businessman born in San Antonio, Texas, not only spoke out against the resistance that prevails in Mexico to the issue of vaccines to reduce the risks of complications from Covid-19.

A phenomenon that is also present in countries like the United States where “there are plenty of vaccines”, for which he said it seems a tremendous “irresponsibility”.

Your right ends where mine begins and my right is that I do want to be vaccinated, he commented.

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The son of the famous, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, one of the most famous couples in the show, reiterated that even with vaccines, the measures should be continued.

We are vaccinated, we continue to take care of ourselves and we are not exempt from getting sick, we are clear about it, that is why we walk with the mask, he explained.

“I don’t respect that they don’t respect”

Get vaccinated! Those who are not vaccinated are causing more mutations. It is not about respect, I respect all people, it is about not respecting that they do not respect, sentenced the interpreter of “Women like you”.

In the midst of his statements, Angela’s father, Leonardo, Aneliz and José Emiliano Aguilar, read some of the comments of his followers in which some of them showed their support and others that were against those he pointed out. very bad “his thinking.

Pepe Aguilar, who has more than 35 years of experience, joined the request that other artists have made regarding this issue, such as recently, the Puerto Rican star, Ricky Martin.

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The so-called “King of Latino Pop” who even held a live chat with Anthony Fauci, who questioned the motives of the Latino community to be against the vaccine and if it is safe.

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