Foods to Accelerate Hair Growth | Unsplash

Hair care is one of the elements that all women take into account for their beauty routine. However, there are some natural foods that contain properties and benefits that help us for hair growth and nutrition.

As we well know, despite the cosmetics that we have from the beauty industry, natural products provide us with all the nutrients that our skin and hair need with simple homemade masks or from direct consumption as in the case of juices or salads on a balanced diet.

If you are one of those who have a bad cut due to quarantine and you are looking for all the home remedies to regrow hairAs soon as possible, this is the article for you. As our mothers and grandmothers have well told us, fruit and vegetable juices are the key to beauty and health.

Foods to accelerate hair growth

Red fruits like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and others are a crop of antioxidants on our skin that help us against the signs of aging. For hair growth, red berries aid in the production of collagen which is one of the main components for hair growth.

Yogurt is recommended for masks due to its high content of pro biotics. They help as a serum for the scalp, control and sebum production in our hair, keeping it hydrated like the rest of our skin.

Foods to accelerate hair growth. Unsplash

Carrot is a food that contains different vitamins, such as vitamin C, in addition to aid in blood circulation, This helps hair stay ready for growth and keratin formation.

Another star food in vitamin C is kiwi, This food helps your hair grow much faster due to the combination of iron and potassium that kiwi offers. In addition to being a very delicious fruit that you can consume in desserts and salads.

Avocado is the food par excellence for hair care, since it is a healthy fat; Omega 3, which helps healthy hair growth and is perfect to use as a mask on our hair to keep it strong, flexible and give it that TV commercial shine you want so much in your hair.