Foodie friend, here’s an outdoor brazier made from a V8 engine

As automotive lovers, we are always amazed to see home furnishings inspired by or made from four-wheel machine parts. It’s a way of giving a last chance to some components that would otherwise have ended up scrapped or sold out. Therefore, I deduce that you probably like this outdoor brazier based on a V8 engine.

The grace of this brazier, as you imagine, is that it is not a block with a hole in the middle to fill with wood. And no, you won’t be able to buy it in any store, but you can get it if you like it. Creation is the work of John cobb, a full-time automotive artist and content creator (in the truest sense) of your company, Alaris Invent. Cobb has been building all kinds of motor-themed furniture for a few years now, but he didn’t fully indulge in his passion until 2020.

With his eye for detail and an intense desire to explore new concepts, Cobb’s creations are truly something to see. This particular brazier comes from a request from a woman living in Calgary, Canada –City known for having the most unstable climate in the world throughout the year–, who wanted to surprise her husband with something unique. The idea itself belonged to the lady, but it was Cobb who was in charge of materializing this idea. And we have no doubt that your husband was equally impressed.

The designer needed three months to test for successes and errors and mark it with the correct details, including some additional details like a key for the ignition and an accelerator pedal that controls the intensity of the flame. Logically, this particular client was delighted with the result. A deposit of propane gas (C3H8) It is responsible for providing the necessary fuel and, to start the brazier, all you have to do is turn the key, which generates a spark through a lighter.

“Each [de los braseros de exterior] it is a custom project, so there is lots of collaboration throughout the process to bring individual visions to life”Cobb declares to So if you have a wild idea that is not on their website, let’s just say the man is up to the challenge. In addition to a brazier-motor, Cobb also has lamps made from camshafts, tables that start from a crankshaft and even a base created from a piston to recharge the mobile.

Source: Alaris Invent

Track: Motor1

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