Follow websites? This feature of Google Chrome will attract the attention of more than one

It seems that Google is preparing a new function in its browser that is quite interesting.

It seems that the company seeks to add a button that will allow users to follow websites when they are topics of interest to them. The « Follow » button might be available very soon, but it is currently under development, according to information published by Chrome Story.

The button is currently available in the Canary version of Chrome, that is, in the development platform.

Follow topics of interest

Now it will be possible to follow specific topics on the web thanks to Chrome, allowing the Discover feed to appear topics that are of our interest.

Additionally, these topics will also appear in the « Discover » feed on the « New Tab » page of Chrome on Android.

The « Follow » button still doesn’t work

The « Follow » button appears in Chrome’s Google Canary, but it still doesn’t work, since as mentioned before, it is still under development.

Of course, this function at the moment is for Android devices. Perhaps when it is officially launched it will begin to spread to other mobile operating systems such as Apple’s iOS.

So far there is not much detail on how this button will work, but it seems that Google will try to replace the Google Reader tool.

It could also be an additional resource to help personalize your news feed on Google Discover.

Whatever it is, there is nothing more to do but wait for the next Canary updates to really find out what the feature will do.