Follow the route of Santa Claus with this Google tool

(CNNMexico) – Do you want to know the trajectory that Santa Claus will follow this Christmas?

Google has the solution on the page

In this site you can follow the route of Santa Claus during the night of December 24 and the early morning of the 25.

While that moment arrives, the search engine page allows you to play in the Christmas Village and learn about the activities of Santa’s helpers.

Every day you will be able to unlock a new game to help the elves and reindeer to meet their objectives, as well as learn about the Christmas preparations that are taking place in other countries.

“The elves have a busy month, the reindeer need to be trained and the presents need to be wrapped. Everyone is studying the places where Santa is going to make stops with the cartography of the candy cane, they are also studying the traditions of each country and even taking programming courses to make web pages “, said Sandy Russell, the person in charge of this launch on the official blog of Google.

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