Follow Pelé !, Mhoni Vidente assures that Maradona will not go alone

Follow Pelé !, Mhoni Vidente assures that Maradona will not go alone (AP)

Follow Pelé !, Mhoni Vidente assures that Maradona will not go alone | AP

Follow Pele !, Mhoni Vidente again launched a prediction of those that nobody wants to hear, because the famous Cuban has pointed out that the departure of Diego Armando Maradona, dear Ten, it is only the beginning and the world of sports will dress in mourning on two more occasions, the name of El Rey emerging, Pele.

The former clairvoyant of Today program was presented in his predictions section within the program Here with you, where he revealed the bad news for the world of sports, he will cry again for an idol, now it will be Brazil’s turn with Pele and Mexico.

Mhoni Vidente assures that a person does not leave alone, for which the mourning will come to hit the world of sport twice more; He also mentioned the unfortunate loss of Doña Flor Silvestre, mother of singer Pepe Águilar.

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It is not all that I see, I still see one more happiness, of a footballer in Brazil who is also very loved, said Mhoni Vidente.

The conductors of Here with you could not avoid exposing Pelé and Mhoni Vidente pointed out that indeed, the beloved footballer is in danger of leaving at 80 years of age. Brazil will mourn a great!

Pelé has to take care of himself, he is 80 years old, because the death letter together with the d1 @ blo is haunting Pelé and another athlete here in Mexico. There are always three people who f @ llece and when it comes to sports, also here in Mexico, you have to take great care of yourself … I see Pelé very delicate in health matters.

But Mhoni Seer He went further and gave details about who is the Mexican character who is about to leave for a better life … will the coronavirus be the culprit ?.


Another footballer who was very important here in Mexico also who is a coach or who was a coach, I can’t see it very well, but he was the coach of América, Pumas or something of Rayados, something, that’s why friends need to take care of themselves a lot.

The famous Cuban who acquired enormous fame thanks to the program Sabadazo, in which Celilia Galliano, Omar Chaparro and Laura G participated, pointed out that Ángela Águilar’s grandmother had left as a result of Covid-19 and that Mexico is still having many losses due to this virus.

Despite her predictions, Mhoni Vidente has always been a proponent that the world should continue to move and not live in fear, take care of itself, but continue working and so on.

The seer recently pointed out that Mexico was going to turn red again, this before the reappearance of the famous virus in our country; it was Mhoni who also predicted that this virus would affect our country; but she has also been a spokesperson for hope, pointing out that there will soon be a vaccine.

Fortunately, this is also a fulfilled prediction and Mexico is very close to starting a massive vaccination in the health sector, and then continuing with the most vulnerable people to this virus.

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But the Cuban is not limited to one aspect or television station and recently sent bad news for the Ventaneando program, she assured that one of its hosts will go to the afterlife.

Mhoni Seer The television station noted that television stations will continue to be affected by the coronavirus and viewers could mourn the departure of some drivers. He was more specific in his prediction by ensuring that he saw something strange in Ventaneando and that his drivers should be very careful.

Let’s hope that this prediction and that of King Pelé are unsuccessful, since in both cases there are many people who would mourn these enormous losses for the world of sports and entertainment.