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Kimberly Loaiza continues “manual of the good wife”, they affirm | Instagram

The pretty and flirtatious musical artist Kimberly Loaiza aka The Biggest Cuteness, again became news on a YouTube channel where she shares news from the show business and the influencers, on this occasion they affirmed that she is guided by a good wife manual, which she follows to the letter.

Some Internet users did not agree with what was mentioned in the main article of the program Es Neta, because the claims that were made had no basis or foundation whatsoever.

The video was shared on June 22 on the YouTube channel led by Iván Plascencia, this one is entitled “Obligan a Kimberly loaiza to be quiet! She has to be submissive according to a book “, we’ll share it with you right away.

With a duration of 10:22 minutes, you can find the main note from 6:22 where it was said that a person known only in the world of YouTube had made a video where they were commenting that someone claimed that in churches christians of Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico, specifically those that Kim Loaiza attended, were giving away manuals.

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These manuals or pamphlets were for women to be good wives, the name they had was “Manual of the good wife”, the driver did not specify the name well, he only commented on something that in turn they had written to the new show host .

Referencing that Kimberly was telling lies to defend her husband Juan de Dios PantojaIn this comment it is mentioned that in the churches that La Lindura Mayor attended, this manual was given in which it said that she had to take care of her husband’s honor and if it was necessary to lie, she had to do it as well.

In reality, the person who commented on it apparently is not a reliable source or has not shown proof of what he is saying, possibly only the comment was taken into account due to how controversial it was and took the opportunity to talk about it.

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Basically they say that Kimberly acts appropriate to this manual, it would be interesting to know if Kimberly read this manual that I honestly do not believe, I believe that the woman is like that and is simply supporting her husband, “said the driver.

Although in fact there are documents where it is taught how to be a good wife and with the name of the manual that was commented in the video, it does exist, but this document is from 1953 according to the words of Plascencia, it indicates that a woman must be submissive, devoted, attend to her husband and various comments that at that time were well regarded by society.

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Even this and other books referring to the same thing is that they have been shared over the years, another one that was mentioned is one that the actress, singer-writer and television host Raquel Bigorra wrote.

Some of the netizens commented a bit annoyed due to the note, since as already mentioned it had no basis whatsoever.

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They also defended Kim Loaiza stating that her personality is a bit serious and that had always been seen since she began her career as a YouTuber, that although in front of a camera she is quite active in her daily life, she is much calmer.

It is possible that this “Handbook of the good wife“At some point in history I have helped thousands of women to have a better marriage, however times change so nowadays it seems that what helps marriage the most is mutual and reciprocal support.

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