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Second round of the Champions League round of 16 for Barça at the Palau. After the first leg, also held in Barcelona on Friday, those of Xavi Pascual repeat at home to certify the pass to quarters.

After the clear victory (25-37) against the Norwegian Eleverum in the first leg, the match is presented as a mere formality for a Barça team that remains undefeated this season in European competition. And there are already 15 victories in 15 games, with an eye on the Final Four in Cologne in June.

Paschal He continues to count for this meeting with the two known casualties of Casper Mortensen and Aitor Ariño and it is likely that he will return to make rotations with respect to Friday’s duel to dose his players.

The match will start at 6:45 p.m. and we will tell you about it live on

For our part, this has been it. We return to tell you about Barça’s new European commitments. Have a nice week!

FULL TIME! Barça passed the process with a note. Victory in the first leg (25-37) and victory in the second leg (39-19) and the certified quarterfinal ticket. Now it’s time to wait for the rival and concentrate on the two league commitments that lie ahead this week.

And the match ends with Moller’s 18th stop! The Barça goalkeeper smiles, undoubtedly one of the outstanding men of the day, along with a Diocou who has not missed his chance.

39-19 Frade was fouled. At seven meters Dolenec, who scores with a powerful whiplash. Imsgard brushed it with his right hand but the ball went inside.

Moller’s paradón !!!, and they are already 17, almost to his record of 18 this season, achieved against Kiel.

38-18 Anota Grondhal, puts the distances to 20.

37-17 100% effective for Mamdou Diocou. He received in the race a pass from the opposite side, not easy, and inside.

36-18 Diocou smiles. Assistance from Entrerríos, from central to the winger, and inside. Fifth of the azulgrana.

35-16 Raúl Entrerríos joins the party and causes a new time-out requested by the Elverum coach.

34-16 Great goal by Pálmarsson that comes into play in these last minutes.

33-16 Continuation of Dolenec’s choppy for Diocou who again sees the door from the right side.

Another from Dolenec, with the left, fighting with two defenders and almost crying to enter. About to prevent Imsgard’s goal, but it slipped out of his hands.

31-14 Diocou is taking advantage of his minutes. He held on, two steps and with a powerful jump, he beats the Norwegian goal.

30-14 Toned also Dolenec! Attack on the right side and gain superiority.

29-14 Another one from Mathe, the second in a row. Long-range shot, powerful, tense to surprise the Barça defense.

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