Foggia takes a slim victory in Moto3


Act. At 11:58 CEST

The race of Moto3 started with a range of sanctions, Jaume Masià had to perform a drive through with five other drivers and Fenati that rolled first tried to open a gap to make the two long laps that he had as a penalty. Meanwhile, Pedro Acosta started his comeback starting from 18th position and managed to place ninth with 18 laps remaining.

Sergio garcia dominated for several laps fighting for victory with Dennis Foggia and Darryn Binder in a leading group that remained very strong throughout the race. After some very tight last laps Foggia finally took the victory, Sergio García Dols finished 2nd and Fenati 3rd. Pedro Acosta got a great comeback and he had already reached the leading group with a few laps to go and took 4th place.

Binder He managed to cross the finish line in 4th position but was finally penalized for exceeding the track limits and had to give up the place to Acosta who despite crossing the finish line in fifth place got fourth position. Jeremy Alcoba he came out 1st but the first group escaped and finished 10th, and Jaume Masià he could not make up the race after the drive through and crossed the finish line in 20th position.

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