Foden rescues Manchester City against Borussia Dortmund from Haaland (2-1)

The Manchester City from Pep Guardiola won the first battle by Borussia Dortmund from Erling Haaland (2-1). The citizens were superior at the Etihad Stadium, who enjoyed clearer chances for a wider result. From Bruyne He opened the can with a local counter. The English got carried away and woke up Haaland wizard dress for a Reus who made it 1-1 in 84 ′. Foden would achieve 2-1 on the horn that gives some advantage to the City on the return to Dortmund in a week.

Already since the alignments were announced, the first surprises arrived. Both technicians wanted to surprise their rival and it is something that was demonstrated from eight in the afternoon. They all searched among the eleven holders of Guardiola in it Manchester City the name of one of its stars, Raheem Sterling. The Englishman started the game from the bench, as a substitute. Also the 9 purest as Omen or Gabriel Jesus. Mahrez, Bernardo Silva and Foden it was the theoretical trident. Too Edin Terzic I bet on the very young Ansgar Knauff, Starting for the first time this season at Borussia Dortmund in a game of such magnitude.

The first bars of the game demanded speed, a lot of physique and precision, although only the first two were presented. Short possessions, many losses and errors accumulated in the first minutes without a clear dominator. The debutante Knauff he had a first approach in the first minute but it clouded after stepping on the area.

The spaces began to appear soon as the minutes passed. The BVB kept popping up in the area and this time it was english Bellingham the one who stepped on the area, this one with better judgment. After a jog to Walker takes just the right gap to load his left foot and try to Ederson under sticks. The Brazilian would respond by covering and aborting the danger.

Was the Manchester City the one who with patience and care managed to provoke the goal. Emre can made the first of his mistakes with a loss to De Bruyne that the Belgian would transform into gold. He threw the counter directly into the bow of Hitz and when he reached the front he unloaded to Foden on the left. The youth squad put her at the far post to Mahrez, who controls the bottom line and gives De Bruyne the gift that closes the triangle with the 1-0.

Knocked out BVB

The Borussia Dortmund was knocked out after 1-0 of the Manchester City although it continued giving traces of life with some appearances of Erling haaland, very disappeared but that generated when it had the opportunity. In fact, a robbery of his after a bad pass from Rodri another dangerous action was generated. Guerreiro receives on the front and puts a balloon over the rear to uncheck Reus. Very fast Ederson he anticipates grabbing the ball and receiving a foul from the German.

Emre Dog touched a black day half an hour into the game. In a lateral center, the ball reaches its zone and stretches the leg to prevent Rodri auction. There is contact and the referee does not hesitate to whistle the maximum penalty. The VAR would enter ex officio and invited the referee to review the action, who after several shots rectified canceling the penalty, not the yellow card to Dog for his protests, which would condition him in the core.

The controversy was served before the break with an action much discussed by the BVB. Bellingham won a heads up with Ederson on a split ball and managed to make it 1-1 at the Etihad… despite the referee’s whistle. The referee whistled a foul for dangerous play in the action with the goalkeeper before the player pushed the ball into the goal, something that made VAR action impossible.

Haaland wakes up after the break

With spaces and the race is when best and most appear the great qualities that he presents despite his youth Erling haaland. The Norwegian was measured in a heads up with the Portuguese Ruben Days, perhaps one of the best defenders of the moment in Europe, and he showed why it is the summer desire of the greats. Haaland he is measured in career and body with him, he ends up knocking him down but left stumbled for the one-on-one with Ederson, which plugs his shot well.

The Manchester City He tried throughout the second half to numb the game, slowing down the revolutions with long possessions and trying to achieve the second when he dislodged the Germans. But Haaland He kept getting oil every time they let him. He controlled a melon on the front and forced the lack of Rodri for a dangerous action that he would not be able to take advantage of Reus.

The ideas of the black-yellows would diminish with the passing of the minutes and the Manchester City would accumulate options to achieve 2-0. It was at that moment when it began to emerge as a determining factor Fitz for him BVB. The German goal would avoid a sung goal from Foden point blank after a game of From Bruyne, with uncheck and pass back of carats. With another pair of lashes from From Bruyne and Foden the goal was touched from the front but they did not sentence.

Haaland also attends

When it seemed that everything was decided in this one way clash, it appeared Haaland. The Norwegian warned with one of his characteristic moves, an uncheck to space and subsequent body to gain control but this would not be positive and Ederson would catch. That would be a warning of what was to come.

Haaland It took a while but he ended up appearing to be decisive and this time not as a scorer, but as an assistant. Bellingham gained meters in the center of the field and managed to filter a pass to Haaland. This one saw before receiving how Reus launched the uncheck, to which he gave it first to leave him alone before Ederson to which he beat with a shot adjusted for the tie.

But Manchester City I still had something else to say. Another flawless ball from From Bruyne to the second suit for Gundogan, the German would hunt it and give it to Foden so that this time he would achieve his goal for him 2-1 and leave the account favorable for the citizens in the quarterfinal round of the Champions League in the Signal Iduna Park of the Borussia Dortmund. Everything to be decided.