Foden and De Bruyne decide the first round

04/06/2021 at 11:35 PM CEST

The world looked at Haaland, but many forgot about Foden. The pearl of Manchester City decided the first leg of the quarters with a goal in the last minute that gives advantage to those of Guardiola. The ‘citizens’, without making their best game, went ahead thanks to a De Bruyne insatiable, but they were unable to close the match. Reus equalized with a goal worth gold six minutes from the end after one of Haaland’s few glimpses, but Foden corroborated before the end which has the star of the best.



Manchester City

Ederson; Walker, Stones, Rúben Dias, Cancelo; Bernardo Silva (Gabriel Jesus, M.59), Rodri, Gündogan; Mahrez, De Bruyne, Foden.

Borussia Dortmund

Hitz; Morey (Meunier, M.81), Akanji, Hummels, Guerreiro; Bellingham, Can, Dahoud (Delaney, M.81); Khauff (Reyna, M.63), Haaland, Reus.


1-0 M.19 De Bruyne; 1-1 M.84 Reus; 2-1 M.90 Foden.


Ovidiu Hategan (Romania). TA: Can (M.30), Bellingham (M.37).


Etihad Stadium. No spectators.

While the ‘9’ of Dortmund copied the covers in the previous one, Pep left without a striker in the Etihad. De Bruyne and Bernardo were in charge of floating through the center of the attack, while Foden and Mahrez the bands opened. At Dortmund, Terzic’s priority was for his Dortmund to defend with the lines together so as not to leave space. The great enemy of the plan, however, were themselves.

The Germans proved the oversights that have cost them dearly in the Bundesliga, and City is unforgiving. Emre can lost the ball under the pressure of a De Bruyne who launched himself on the run. His opening for Foden was optimal, the center of English not so much. For his fortune he fixed it Mahrez, who picked it up to give De Bruyne the pass of death in the small area. The first visitor error cost them a goal against.

Arbitration controversy

It was the first time that Guardiola’s City took the lead in the Champions League quarter-finals. There was still a lot of fabric to cut. The city of Manchester woke up with snow, which turned into rain, to end with a radiant sun before football. The game kept the same script twists as the weather.

Rodri seemed to give City a chance to double the lead, with a penalty from Can that collegiate Hategan granted, but VAR corrected. After the possible 2-0, the tie appeared. Young Bellingham, notable in the Etihad at 17, rhanded the wallet to Ederson in a pressure that was about to come out face to the City. In this case, the referee indicated an infraction without reviewing the VAR. The Dortmund bench did not believe it, probably with good reason.

Goal of Reus, exhibition of Foden

City contained Haaland, but he did not find his best version. Gündogan he was drowned out by an almost individual marking from Dahoud, and De Bruyne was too lonely as a big striker. In the resumption the Norwegian warned, shaking off Rúben Dias on the run, but missed Ederson.

Guardiola resorted to Gabriel Jesus in attack, and what he found was with the best Foden. English was irrepressible for Morey on the side, but he forgave on his first free kick to Hitz. Foden continued, but City failed and the game was where Dortmund dreamed of. Terzic’s needed a flash. His best player gave it to him last night, Bellingham, when he connected with the star, Haaland. English started, and Norwegian extended to the heart of the area, and Reus scored with a Vaseline the goal that gives life to Dortmund.

There were five minutes to go, but City were undaunted. Reappeared De Bruyne to get an occasion out of his hat: Gündogan unloaded his center to the area and gave it to Foden to culminate an excellent second half with the decisive goal. City will go with an advantage to Germany. But Dortmund is more alive than many believed.