Fobia premieres “Nightmare”, the first preview of his long-awaited MTV Unplugged!

This year has been very strange for the music industry, without festivals or live concerts. But as incredible as it may seem, music has not lacked us in these difficult moments that we are facing, because many bands and artists have raffled off like the greats composing songs and preparing spectacular projects. However, there are others who have bigger plans, such as the case of Fobia.

As you will remember, at the beginning of September the Mexican band announced with great fanfare that after waiting for so long they would record their first MTV Unplugged. And the truth is that they were already taking time, because they have a huge career and it was right that they joined the list of national bands such as Café Tacvba, Caifanes, Maldita Vecindad, Santa Sabina and many more who received the invitation to enter these sessions acoustics.

They had already been late!  Fobia announces its first MTV 'Unplugged'They had already been late!  Fobia announces its first MTV 'Unplugged'

Members of Fobia / Photo: MTV

Fobia finally records his MTV Unplugged

Fobia’s ‘unplugged’ concert was recorded in October and without public in the facilities of the Fronton of Mexico City. Total they played 13 songs, where they reviewed the best of their discography, from their eponymous album to the most recent, Destruye Hogares, and for that they had a lot of special guests who, as we already know, are part of the hallmark of this format.

To give you an idea, Leonardo de Lozanne, Paco Huidobro, Cha !, Jay de la Cueva and Iñaki Vázquez accompanied them on stage Pipe Ceballos (Zoé) and Eric Deutsch (Dixie Chicks pianist), Kevon Bradford, Sebastián Farrugia, Matias Majewski, and the American guitarist Joe gore, who became – given the circumstances – in the first musician to participate in an MTV Unplugged playing remotely from San Francisco, California.

Phobia premieres "Nightmare", the first preview of his long-awaited MTV Unplugged!Phobia premieres

Photo via Instagram: @fobiamx

But now and calming our anxieties a little, Fobia released the first single from his MTV Unplugged And to be honest it sounds spectacular. The song they chose as their cover letter was “Nightmare”, which comes on their latest studio album, and in addition to being an impeccable performance by the band, the voice harmonies between Leonardo and Paco are striking, but also that on this occasion Jay de la Cueva joins the band playing the piano

But enough talking, stop what you’re doing, put on your headphones and Then enjoy the unplugged version of “Nightmare”, the first preview of Fobia’s MTV Unplugged, which will be released soon:

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