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We start a week and a new month and that implies that we will soon know if we do it with the magic of the first day of the month which is usually bullish. However, the scenes we are seeing every night of looting by various cities in the United States they are not exactly the best environment for a bullish session on this first day of Monday in which it is also festive in New Zealand, Switzerland and Germany.

But where he is going to see a lot of interest is to see what happens to the Masmóvil shares waiting for a takeover bid likely to be finalized by KKR and Civen and where the safest thing is that they already open directly on the price band that the market manages with a minimum price of 21.60 euros.

Thus, if as I hope the opening of Masmóvil leaves us out of being able to get a slice of the market, here I bring you a selection of four values ​​that are found from a technical point of view in a very important situation that they deserve their follow-up to be able to enter them in time if they manage to break their respective resistances.

one) Fluidra: We already talked last week about this value that continues to climb positions and on Friday managed to close above its 200 session moving average. So it only remains to see that it continues to rise and confirms its intentions with another close above said average.

2) Lar Spain: Last week he behaved very well with a 12 percent rise and a very high volume increase which makes it worthy of our vigilance to enter if it continues to rise with a stop to place below the lows of the session on Friday at 4.24 euros.

3) Logista: On Friday, a lot of paper came out in the market but not only was it able to recover everything lost but also managed to close at highs for the day in what is usually the typical effect of throwing in the towel before going up. Friday’s volume was just brutal and to continue with the increases today will make his intentions very clear. The only thing to watch is going to be the placement of a stop loss below the lows of Friday and being so far away we will have to adjust the risk with a low amount entry waiting to add more positions.

4) Nextil: Other value than Friday it traded a lot of volume and that may be a sign of an imminent attack on its medium-term moving average (Red color). If we see this break with even higher volumes, we can enter the stop value at the lows of the previous session.

Evolution of the four actions analyzed
                    Eduardo Bolinches